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Fisherman's Cove is a local, family-owned seafood shack and fishing-marine supply store specializing in fresh local oysters that are grown on Tamales Bay. We serve them on the half shell or barbecued with your choice of six different house specialty sauces such as garlic butter sauce, cocktail sauce, chorizo butter with a hint of lemon and more. Try our unique oysters with pesto sauce and applewood bacon, or opt for our oysters Kilpatrick or Sweet Heaters with pickled jalepeno, shallots and raw mignonette.

All of our ingredients are incredibly fresh, from the local Dungeness crab and hormone-free meats to organic vegetables and homemade sauces. We are committed to serving creative and delicious fare made with the best ingredients available.

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  • “Amazing oysters!”

  • “M'mm m'mm good!”

  • “BOMB FOOD!”

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Customer Reviews

  • Nelson T Mandeville, Louisiana

    If you ever find yourself in out of the way Bodega Bay (very beautiful) at meal time, this it the place to go. We had the crab sandwich and the Portuguese Fisherman's Stew. Absolutely delicious! Friendly informal counter service.

  • Josh Sommers

    Amazing fresh fish tacos, fish and chips and the best clam chowder I've ever had. That's all I've had there, but I assume everything else is just as good. A little pricey perhaps by some standards, but well worth the price and the drive in my opinion...

  • Cherryalmond Maidenhead, United Kingdom

    Probably went on the busiest day possible. Lines out the door here and next door at the spud crab roll and chowder place too. It's very casual simple good quality. Order food first then find a table or hover around until someone leaves. Ended up picn...

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