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Dateland Travel Center is your trusted and friendly stop on I-8. We offer a full service Texaco gas station, convenience store, gift shop, RV park, Quiznos and Ice Cream Corner serving our famous date shakes!

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  • “An oasis of delicious dates and shakes in the desert!”



  • Brett N. Ajo, AZ

    If you like to get up and go with the kids, find a place for a little treat and to sit around and chat, this is it. This might be the only place, other than a bookstore, to which you can bring the kids later in the evening for a hang out. They're ope...

  • Walter C. Ailey, GA

    Speechless, these instructors are amazing, best driving school in Ajo, AZ that i have found and that i wont regret the incredible classes i have taken there. The instructors are very patient with the students and always have a positive attitude towar...

  • Joseph Y. La Mesa, CA

    On the way through our visit to Arizona, out in the complete middle of no where around about an hour outside of Yuma sits this travel center (…) called Dateland. Famous for their date shakes and large collection of different...

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Dateland Travel Center

Phone (928) 454-2772
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Dateland Date Gardens

Phone (928) 454-2772
Hours Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm