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Dateland Travel Center is your trusted and friendly stop on I-8. We offer a full service Texaco gas station, convenience store, gift shop, RV park, Quiznos and Ice Cream Corner serving our famous date shakes!

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  • “An oasis of delicious dates and shakes in the desert!”



  • Vicente C. San Diego, CA

    Leslie is the one to go to. Awesome service and handled my father's redundant questions. Thank you Leslie.

  • Ted M. Scottsdale, AZ

    Get the date shake. It's awesome and refreshing after a loooong drive through the desert. Also, but a big-ole-box of dates... don't skimp out, get the highest grade. We scarfed them down in no time -- the quality and flavor was excellent. Also, if yo...

  • Zong J. Ajo, AZ

    Ok, the most important thing is that they REALLY do a great job. Very thorough, lots of staff, and I was pleased with the end result. They also have a place inside to pick up your traditional gas-station-type snacks PLUS a little cafe while you wait.

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Dateland Travel Center

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Dateland Date Gardens

Phone (928) 454-2772
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