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Customer Reviews

  • Kyle Jacobs

    Everything is delicious. The prices are amazing and the service is fast. You order from a menu where you specify which dishes or dumplings you want made and they cook them to order. My only complaint is that my dining party has a shrimp allergy and t...

  • Oishii Moments

    * Food: o Presentation: Not bad. (3/5) o Temperature: Hot! (5/5) o Quality: Yes! (4/5) o Dishes ordered: Golden prawns, steamed tripe in onion and ginger, and other dim sum dishes. This is my favorite place for tripe! o Tastiest dish: Golden prawns a...

  • elena kon

    Delicious, less greasy than usual, made to order dim sum. And attentive service, mostly because they want you to leave faster, but it's still good. My favorite was the fresh egg tarts. We called ahead of time and got a number so we didn't have to wai...

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