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  • “Both my wife's family and mine have been going to your shop for 3 generations. Thanks for being the best custard in town.”

  • “This is an experience! I drive quite a ways to devour The Western Special every so often, and it NEVER disappoints! ”

  • “A trip to Las Vegas is not the same without a trip to Luv-It. Raspberry Royal! The very best for the last 30 years! Get extra pecans.”

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  • Chris G. Las Vegas, NV

    Las Vegas institution! My family has been here since the early seventies and all have been going here since it opened. There are many great ice cream places, some that I have reviewed, but my heart still belongs to Luv-it. Hate he drive to it, locati...

  • Erin G. Las Vegas, NV

    Honestly, I grew up in Las Vegas, and I've been going to Luv-It's my whole life. The custard is phenomenal, and I've lived all over the country so I feel confident in the quality. I'm often met with neighsayers from other areas, but they always chang...

  • Gin W. Las Vegas, NV

    Been coming here with my dad since I was a kid.  Dad no longer comes but he is still with me. The frozen custard is as smooth and creamy and delicious as I rememeber it.  Now if I can only catch them when they make the Banana version.   Girlfriend...

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