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Masterpiece Tattoo is a world famous tattoo parlor and piercing studio setting industry standards since 1994. It’s your body, you deserve a masterpiece!

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  • “Incredible work. I couldn't be happier with the experiences I've had here. Can't wait for my next tattoo.”

  • “I got an anchor tattoo here back in October and love it so much. The colors are awesome and it covers an old ugly rose I had.”

  • “Great work.”

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  • Joe P. Staten Island, NY

    I've been gettin work done by mike for over 18 years. I can tell you from personal experience that the work he did 18 years ago looks just as good today as the day he did it. One of the best artist out there. Hands down!! Shop is ...

  • Greg P. Staten Island, NY

    This shop is the best on the Island if not all of New York City  every artist in the shop does amazing work... I go to Mike Pastore who is the best around his work is just sick very detailed ,perfect, clean  and he has a amazing mind and is also a ...

  • Dominique P. Staten Island, NY

    Mike Pastore is amazing. He is an amazing artist and an extremely nice person. I went into his shop with an awful tattoo that I was extremely upset about. He eased my concerns and assured me he would make it look great. He did everything freehand and...

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