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Melthouse Bistro features hand-crafted, gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches made with the finest Wisconsin cheese and fresh-baked artisan breads. Our gourmet flavor combinations are a culinary adventure, bringing together warmth, comfort and absolute bliss.

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  • Danielle I. Milwaukee, WI

    So we got this awesome Amazon Local deal to check out the Melthouse bistro. I had no idea what I was walking in to. And Wooa! Gourmet Grilled Cheese?? ! The ambience is better for Lunch think more cafe not so much nighttime date place. You see a huge...

  • Anthony J. Milwaukee, WI

    I've been living down here for close to two years, and I will definitely say, this is one of the best places ever to go for a unique food experience. The atmosphere is very modern, yet simple. There are plenty of ...

  • Andrew W. Lower East Side, Milwaukee, WI

    Good and totally worth the 15$ but a little pricey for being a college student. Also awesome menu variety. I'll be coming back soon.

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