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Pommes Frites isn't an ordinary shop, but a specialty shop serving authentic Belgian fries. Or as the Belgians call them, pommes frites. Our fries are made from freshly cut potatoes, twice-fried to golden perfection and topped with your favorite of 30 sauces.

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  • “Fresh fries ”

  • “Your fries are always too good to be true. Love the new fig sauce!”

  • “Pommes Frites is my spot.”

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  • Charlotte S. Brooklyn, NY

    Yesterday at work we started talking about fatty delicious foods and french fries came up.   One coworker would not stop talking about Pommes Frites.  She eats very healthy and said she will only go there when she wants fries because it is that goo...

  • Kat C. Dallas, TX

    I love fries (as I'm sure most of you do) and pretty much anything potatoes. So for there to be a place dedicated to fries and sauces, that's like heaven. It's a small little place, not much room for sitting but at the tables they do have, there's li...

  • Cynthia V. Hackensack, NJ

    Late, late night snack. Stopped at this place around 4am and there was a long wait. About 15 minutes in, they let us know that they were on their last batch of fries and therefore might not get a chance to taste these yummy fries and amazing sauces. ...

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