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Pommes Frites isn't an ordinary shop, but a specialty shop serving authentic Belgian fries. Or as the Belgians call them, pommes frites. Our fries are made from freshly cut potatoes, twice-fried to golden perfection and topped with your favorite of 30 sauces.

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  • “Fresh fries ”

  • “Your fries are always too good to be true. Love the new fig sauce!”

  • “Pommes Frites is my spot.”

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  • Pearl R. Brooklyn, NY

    The mango chutney sauce is delicious. The parm peppercorn is odds but interesting. The pineapple sauce was gross. This is the go to late night snack. You'll find at least one sauce you love. The fries are so crunchy and greasy :)

  • Amanda I. Manhattan, NY

    Thick cut Belgian fries that are all too yummy. As far as sauces go, I like the war sauce, the fig bordeaux something or other, and the rosemary garlic, but there are literally dozens so go nuts!

  • Denise L. Queens, NY

    I make the worst decisions when I'm drunk. Coming to Pommes Frites is definitely not one of them. Somehow I always stumble into this place late at night and always leave feeling awesome. The fries here are addictive, that's for sure. They are crispy,...

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