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  • “Healthy food. The Shawarma wrap is my favorite. I love it!”


SF Wraps

168 reviews
  • Ale B.

    One of the best falafel wraps in town.. falafel's texture was perfect, I'd definitely be returning here. I also tried the baklavas, they were good !! After... Read More

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Customer Reviews

  • Sarah Kuxhausen

    Imagine a gyro without the puffy pita bread that leaves you feeling like there's a rock in your stomach. This gyro's bread is very thin and leaves you feeling full, but like you've eaten something much lighter and healthier than a normal gyro. I also...

  • Zachary Cole

    Yum. Great Jerusalem falafel wrap. The food is fantastic and the cookies ...don't get me started. One of the tastiest coconut cookies I've ever had. Why no 5th star? The price. I get that it's SF but still. Unreasonable.

  • Diego Saavedra

    Probably the most tasty falafel in all the area. Get the cookies for dessert.

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