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Taj of Marin is a family owned and operated Indian restaurant providing authentic and delicious Indian food at a great price. Our upscale, family-friendly atmosphere is perfect for enjoying the most exquisite Indian cuisine available in the North Bay area. Adorned with traditional Indian artwork and decor, every aspect of Taj of Marin is truly authentic.

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  • “The buffet at Taj of Marin is incredible. Better than anywhere else. I'm so glad it's back every day. I really missed it.”

  • “I love you guys. The most amazing Indian food. M'mm. Did I mention I'm starving! =D”

  • “Simply put... I LOVE IT! Best Indian restaurant In Marin, if not the Bay area. Food is to die for and the best buffet I've ever sampled. ”

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Taj of Marin

200 reviews
  • Geoff G.

    I wonder if the sweltering weather in India has any impact on their diet. Our recent warming trends have certainly sparked off my craving for spicy Indian... Read More

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Customer Reviews

  • Sunny S

    Love their food, discovered it after a beach trip and I will be returning here everytime I am in the area. You cannot go wrong with the food and service. Manager walks around making sure you are happy which is very nice to see. Buffet is little sm...

  • Arthur O

    We had been travelling all day having left Arcata in the morning, and wanted a meal before driving on to our hotel in San Francisco. We stopped off in San Rafael on a street which our sat-nav indicated had several eating places. We found the Taj an...

  • Esthee Wong

    Came for their lunch buffet. The goat curry is really good!

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About Us

Taj of Marin

Phone (415) 459-9555
Hours Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu: 11:30 am - 2:30 pm, 5:00 pm - 9:30 pm
Fri: 11:30 am - 2:30 pm, 5:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Sat: 11:30 am - 3:00 pm, 5:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Sun: 11:30 am - 3:00 pm, 5:00 pm - 9:30 pm