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For a unique spot to enjoy drinks and games that is truly local, look no further than The 04 Lounge. We are a little neighborhood dive bar on South Congress where you can kick back and enjoy some cold drinks with friends. The 04 Lounge offers an impressive selection of beer and cocktails, all at great prices.

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  • “Man, I love this place!”

  • “You're amazing.”

  • “Good times with awesome people.”

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  • Tony B. Austin, TX

    This place is dank, a little dirty, the right amount of scary, and absolutely unpretentious. Seriously...what's NOT to like about this place? This is a great bar to avoid all the little college kids and parasitic hipsters. Pool table, solid juke, and...

  • Jim M. Austin, TX

    A classic dive. It will not survive the coming gentrification wave. It looks like an abandoned building. The Lone Star is cold and it gently whispers your name...yield to its delicious temptation.

  • Jamie W. Austin, TX

    Great dive bar to take your girlfriends parents so that they can throw a chair if they lose a pool game. Such class!!! Always fun and they have a back patio where you can smoke.

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The 04 Lounge

Phone (512) 444-7788
Hours Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun: 12:00 pm - 2:00 am