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At The County Cork Wine Pub drink what you like, with what you like, but most importantly, with the people you love! We're your neighborhood meeting place.

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  • “ The County Cork Wine Pub has been our go-to restaurant ever since Chef Chris Trageser took over the kitchen. We have eaten here numerous times over the last couple of years and I would be remiss if I didn't post about our meal last night. Simply stated, it was a fantastic dinner. Our table of four had the Spanish Style Mussels-always a treat, and the Two Faced Tuna-in my humble opinion, their best appetizer. We also did the Caesar Salad, which was fresh and not over-dressed as so many salads are today. I had the Steak and Frites (can't get enough of these wonderful fries) and I have to say it was among the best steaks I have ever ordered out. Our table also ordered the Seared Pork Loin, the Chicken Ragout, and the Bronzino Filet. Everyone was more than satisfied with their grub. Shout out to the owner Chris McMannus who always makes us feel welcome, and once again I must tip my hat to the bar staff on the martinis and the fact that they serve Sam Smith beers. Thank you.”

  • “We made our own version of your mussels tonight. They turned out pretty good, but we both decided that it's just easier and more fun to just come and eat see you this week! :)”

  • “Still my favorite restaurant in the 'Burg. Most attentive staff. The ahi tacos are my favorite anywhere (and I've had them out in Cali too). The frites are sinful. I miss the vegetarian lasagna (and I'm the furthest from a vegetarian on the planet). The butcher block and cheese board selection is super. I must say, I like the customer base as well (because on busy nights it is a little cramped, but everyone gets it and is friendly on bumps and passing by -- you don't get that at very many places these days). ”

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The County Cork Wine Pub

52 reviews
  • Jo Y.

    Hands down the best restaurant in Eldersburg. Higher prices but worth every penny. Love the Chef's unique dishes. Don't expect the same ole menu items here.... Read More

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Customer Reviews

  • Tony Dean

    I agree about the martini - excellent. The food was great, service was good, and I like the atmosphere. We're new to Eldersburg, and we will certainly be returning.

  • George Ray Mitchell

    Best martinis on the planet. Great customer service. Good food as well.

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