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Viztango Café serves the best Italian dishes right off campus! We've been serving top quality cuisine since 2003.

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  • “We love the farfelle pesto chicken! This is our favorite lunch spot!!”

  • “Awesome food and always great service. Definitely one of my favorite places to eat in LA!”

  • “My favorite place; I love Viztango Cafe !”

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  • Heather H. Los Angeles, CA

    I have a strong emotional tie to this place, as I've been going there since 2006 as a USC student. I love the homemade ravioli, and sometimes I still get a craving so strong for it that I just have to go. Its fresh, delicious... light enough yet indu...

  • Joyce S. Los Angeles, CA

    I remember I had their pizza.. I think it had avocados...or something. i honestly cna't remember, but maybe it was santa fe?? but it was good hahaha. it's decent, and if you have the student discount card, they have good deals!

  • Joselin R. Los Angeles, CA

    I just love this place, it's one of my favorite because of their awesome salad pizza! The boxes are also amazing. I recommend everyone to come here, it doesnt look so good from outside but the food is good, trust me. Amazing SALAD PIZZA!

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