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Washing Spot is your one-stop shop for a clean pup. We offer self-service washes and provide everything you need to wash those dirty spots clean! Just bring in your dirty dog and we’ll take care of the prep and clean up. Pet grooming and full-service baths are also available.

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  • “You ladies RULE and Dude loves you!”

  • “Today was my first visit and I loved it! Liz was super awesome and helpful. I'll be back for sure!”

  • “First time there! Cindy, you did a GREAT job as always with Brooklyn! Great customer service! NICE and CLEAN!”

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  • Elizabeth D. Los Angeles, CA

    This place is Awesome sauce! I groom and bathe my own dogs about every 1.5 wks. Although I do a really good job,  it sucks! Hair is EVERYWHERE on me and ALL over my place!! Gross. My dogs love to sleep with me and we're always together so they need ...

  • Mego L. Los Angeles, CA

    Love here. Always am welcomed by big smile. Self-service has everything you need, grooming service is great and fast as well, and they give your pup cute little bandana! (Hipster status, checked!) Plus, both services have lower price than places in t...

  • Priscilla V. Los Angeles, CA

    Love this place! I took my dog (Blue nose pit bull) hiking at Elysian Park and decided to stop by here to give him a bath using their self wash. Very easy to use and they provide everything you need for your dog including an apron for you so you don'...

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