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At the Yoga Home of Therapeutics, we are passionate about the power of yoga and massage beyond physical health and relaxation.


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  • “I love that I feel safe to work within my own abilities, but gently encouraged to challenge myself to try new things. Sara is the best! ”

  • “Not a day goes by that I do think about or talk about Sara and what an impact she has made in my life. Nameste. :)”

  • “Yoga Home of Therapeutics is one of the few places where I feel I can achieve a true sense of well-being and inner peace. Everyone is great!”

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Yoga Home of Therapeutics

1 reviews
  • Cari W.

    love love love!!!! Read More

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Customer Reviews

  • TooToo Cirlot

    Sanctuary is one of the many appropriate words to use for this special place; however, it truly lives up to one particular word in it's special name: Yoga HOME of Therapeutics. It truly feels like you are home, and that is especially thanks to the ow...

  • Susan Donchin

    With Sara one is always greeted at the door with warmth, a smile ad that " home" feeling. My favorite service is the Reiki massage, not only for its healing touch but also for the blend of essential oils which penetrate to the place of the body where...

  • Audrey Womack

    I have known the owner for about 7 years. I find with her an in-depth knowledge of the benefits of the poses and the spirituality that pairs so well with the practice of yoga. This studio provides a lot more than exercise. Sara, the owner, has gained...

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