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Godfather’s Burger Lounge offers gourmet American cuisine with an elegant twist. Come enjoy one of our delicious grass-fed burgers, fantastic wines & more!

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  • “I had The Untouchable. Well-named! A totally unique and delicious burger!!”

  • “The burger duel was amazingly delicious.”

  • “Godfather's is the best! ”

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Customer Reviews

  • Claudia Miranda

    If it wasn't for a comment me and my husband heard from a waiter to another, talking bad about customers...this place should have being a great is really good though

  • OxfordBooklady

    We went here for dinner three times in a fortnight, and were very happy with our choices each time. Great burgers, gluten-free buns available (hurrah!), and when I couldn't decide between garlic-fries and sweet potato fries, I was given a portion tha...

  • Christina Liang

    Big thumb up to the burgers!

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Godfather's Burger Lounge

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