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At Green Table, we aim to share the most delicious, organic homemade foods, cleanses, and drinks that balance the body and make flavors come alive!

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  • “Healthy, organic vegan fare at an affordable price!”


Green Table

179 reviews
  • Vicky G.

    I'm new to the area and saw this vegan spot. The location is great, the ambience is good and the place is clean. The food choices are great. I tried the... Read More

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Customer Reviews

  • Aidan Barbieux

    Great food and atmosphere but expensive for what you get

  • kat s

    Love it! Food is tasty, fresh and healthy. Loved the desserts too, so delicious! I wish we had a place like this is Boston :)

  • K C

    Food is clean, tastes yummie. The portions are very small is the only thing wrong so ends up costing more to eat healthy and provide proper nutrition. Place seems airy and fresh because of natural light and decore. My server was very nice and will...

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Green Table

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