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Experience one of Boston's treasures. Order fresh online or dine in at our historic waterfront location. Established in 1925...we know lobster!

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  • “Some of the best lobster rolls we've ever eaten!”

  • “Best lobster roll in Boston -- hands down!!”


James Hook & Co

886 reviews
  • Dan J.

    One of the most polarizing debates among the seafood lovers in Boston is the age-old question: where can you find the best lobster roll? It will ruin... Read More

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Customer Reviews

  • Josh Cheung

    A spot by the water screams freshness by proximity. You'll enjoy some of the freshest lobster you can eat as if you were on a boat that just caught it, and dine in a cute spot amongst live lobster and crabs.

  • Petra Lenart

    We spent 3 days in Boston, but visited 2 times. Great seafood, good location. The place has an atmosphere. Very well recommended.

  • Teesha M

    We visited the website so we had some idea of what we wanted prior to entering. Thank God because parking is a premium and the shop itself is a bit small. However, the service is amazing. We ordered a lobster roll for here, shipped 1/2 a dozen lob...

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